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Black Angus Beef

Our Black Angus beef are truly a piece of living history. The blood lines of our cattle can be traced back to outstanding livestock from the 1960’s, an era in which their natural instincts enabled them to thrive purely on grass diets without any artificial additives.

Our cattle also marble sufficiently and yield a very tender, more flavorful experience. The cattle are a critical part of our operation not only for their exceptional meat, but for their ability to rapidly change marginal soils into incredibly fertile biological communities teaming with grasses, legumes and insects that are beneficial to a flourishing natural lifecycle.


Our selection of “Cornish Cross” chickens are hardy foragers perfect for our free-range style of production.  Similar to our beef practices our chickens are moved daily with in the pasture. This gives them the opportunity to thrive free of the common health problems associated with commercial white broilers as the result of extreme growth habits in over crowded grow houses.

Beef Snack Stix

We use our All-natural grass fed beef in the production of protein packed snack stick. The Cotton Cattle Snack Stick is all natural and contains NO artificial colors, NO artificial flavors, NO MSG and NO nitrates. The perfect healthy snack for those on the go.

Bone Broth

We utilize our all-natural grass fed Black Angus bones accompanied by organic and all natural ingredients to create our signature bone broth. The Cotton Cattle bone broth is a great base to prepare meals from and in many cases is consumed as a healthy elixir.

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